Review Policy

Authors and Publishers, I'm happy to review (or have my students review if you're interested in an adolescent perspective) any middle grade or young adult books that would appeal to eighth-graders. Please read my review policy below before sending a request.

Genres: I read, enjoy, and review all genres of YA and MG fiction. My favorites are Contemporary, Fantasy, Heist/Spy, Paranormal Romance, and Dystopian.  Please see my list of favorite books on my blog sidebar or Best I've Read page to see if you think your book would fit in with my interests. I will review any young adult or middle grade book that would be appropriate for ages 12-15.

Type of Book: I will not accept self-published books. I only accept paper books for review as I cannot review electronic versions of books. I will accept ARCs, Uncorrected Proofs, Galleys, or final books (hardcover or paperback). Any books I receive will not be sold, they will be added to my 8th grade classroom library to be enjoyed by my students and other 7th and 8th grade teachers.  Note on Series Books: I love series books, as do my students, but if you are requesting a review on a series in which I have not read the first book, I will ask that you send a copy of that as well in order to do a complete review.

Time Frame: I will try my best to review your book in a timely manner. Please understand that I am a working 8th grade teacher with lessons to plan and essays to grade along with reading books and blogging about them, so I do need a two-three month lead time for specific date requests. If there is a specific time you would like the book review to be posted, please let me know and I will do my best to make it happen; however, I am not able to make an absolute guarantee.  I will make every attempt to post my review near the release date for ARCs I receive (within a month before or after release) and as soon as possible for already released books. Please realize that I am an avid promoter of adolescent literacy and the books supporting young adults, so I will do everything I can to help promote books that I feel are valuable no matter when I read them.

What's in the Review: My reviews include the title and author, a brief summary (please let me know if there is a specific one you want me to use), picture of the cover, my thoughts on the book (possibly including reference to plot, characters, writing style, etc), and a star rating.  My reviews will be honest and straight forward and always based on my opinions and feelings about the book. If it's not a 4 or 5 star book for me, I will explain why so that others will know if they might enjoy it.
I rate my reviews with a star rating system as stated below and on my blog sidebar.
5 Stars - Must-Read Book!
Put it at the top of your to-read list!
4 Stars - Really Good Book
Add it to your priority to-read list!
3 Stars - Good Book
Get it on your to-read list when you're in the mood for this kind of book.
2 Stars - Could Be a Better Book
Only add it if it's your type of book.
1 Star - Not a Book For Me

Where Reviews are Posted: I post all my reviews here and link to them from Twitter. I will also post them on Goodreads if requested.

Extras: I would be happy to participate in blog tours, giveaways, or author interviews as well. Please contact me with specific requests. 

Disclaimer: If I accept a novel to review, it is not a guarantee that I will read and review the book. If I start a book that I'm not able to get in to, I probably will not spend the time to finish it and therefore there won't be a review. However, every book I receive will get a mention and cover picture through the In My Mailbox meme (which I post as New Books This Week) for helping to get the name out there.

Thank you for considering Teach 8 YA Book Blog to review your book! 
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